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"Time to speed this up I thought"

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I’m a single dad and I’ve always loved to cook

I find it really relaxing at the end of the day to cook dinner for my kids and sometimes when I’m lucky they actually might just compliment my cooking!

So, one night I was making chicken in a white wine sauce with two moaning hungry teenagers hovering over me, generally getting in the way. “Time to speed this up I thought” – so I reached for a packet of thickening granules – but I made the mistake of looking at the list of ingredients on the back. Palm Oil, maltodextrin, Potato Starch, xantham gum, flavourings, glucose syrup, lecithin powder – the list went on and on! What was all this stuff and why was I about to eat it?

So, I thought “I’ll make a Roux”….off to Google.

15 minutes and a ruined sauce pan later I had a lump of wallpaper paste on a spoon – add it to my sauce and – It actually worked! But by that time my sauce was nearly burnt. But hey the kids ate it and all seemed good except for that saucepan lying in the sink.

Bad ingredients that are not found in Kirks Roux

So, I started thinking. “Why isn’t there an actual Roux you can buy that isn’t full of chemicals but works as well as a homemade roux?”

2 years later after a lot of sweat and tears with the help of CAFRE I have formulated a roux based on the best Irish butter from my home county and contains only 100% natural ingredients. It’s easy and convenient to use and gives reliable results every time.

Why not give it a go today and add lustre and a ouch of smooth luxury to your dishes , like I do.
Kirk Thomspon.

Using Kirk's Roux gives you the highest quality to your final dishes

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